words fer noise

Working on this Power Electronics project with my friends bromar and meuller which if i’m not mistaken is called MA CHEESE MO.  Some lyrics here.


stretch the hole into a teardrop

cold steel flinches

pushes mass to mass

fucking rhythmically

white dress – red splinters

brine an endless shaft

sheen glistens in pale light

left quivering mess


im not your cavity

no flesh dwells

flinching between pulses

where orange deferens

meets deep defence

putrid barbs

pierce vein ridden

serpentine poisoned

furrows torn tight upon surface

expel fallow fields of revenge


staring at walls again thinking –

deep pink fat yellow tear deep lakes until regurgitation fucks bone through mouth saliva glistens bouncing off eyes envelopes stupid gape rope tingling through esophagus breathe hole tugged tapered tongue impaled


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