Jane Ryder

Christian Campos

Steve Ruiz

Februrary 1 – 28

Indian Prarie Public Library

401 Plainfield Road

Darien, IL

Pretty intense art show hung at the darien public library.  Brazen sexual imagery as if on accident hidden beyond fields of pattern, shape and texture.  Contemporary usage of the gouache medium on paper.


Maribelle (record release), Toby Foster, Quistum

Feb. 27 – 8pm @ Ball Hall

1621 N Kedzie Ave #3

Chicago, IL, Chicago 60647

My friend’s band Maribelle is releasing a new album, With Teeth Sharp as Old Friends.  Amazing indie/minimal folk music, dark echoing lyrics over far away sounding accordions and guitars.  On top of the music, there will also be six gouache paintings of mine shown at the space which i completed for the cover of With Teeth Sharp as Old Friends.  Come out and enjoy some up and coming folk/indie acts and some art.

some points of inspiration:

-intense alienation

-verbal retardation

-emotional fallout

-uninhabitable islands

-exposed yellow of fat

-grinding animal hatred

-dripping substances

-snow scraped across skin

-unwanted cakes

-uneaten foods

-unconquered knowledge


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