baselitzsculptureWomen of Dresden / ash and tempura

woodsmen-1285Two Meissen Woodsmen / crayon and resin on canvas

I had been eyeing this art catalougue about Georg Baselitz at the MCA, hoping it was going to go lower in price from its already discounted marking.  With bad haggling skills and no money i decided to buy anyway.  Starts out with a somewhat dissapointing statement by the artist himself.  Written in 06 after his remix body of work, he takes the ‘shock value’ anti-aesthetic a bit too far yet explains that he “throws himself into the business of being German” rather than opposing the zietgeist of his people.  The word provocative is pretty strongly used and on point with this group of artists.  The zeitgeist produced such heavy gestural and raw paintings but focused on cheap conceptual quirks like placing paintings upside down and gluing straw on canvas.  The gesture takes over the work and anything else is just fodder.  His way of taking the personality of his figures and really pulling out the pathetic and putting it on display is beautiful.  I think I understand a delimma here which is true for all artists – the atrocity of ruining a good painting by going too far/not far enough.

Just watched An Englishman in New York, which is about the rather eccentric british homosexual extraordinaire Quintin Crisp.  In New York he meets some great artfolk like Penny Arcade and Patrick Angus.  It becomes a bit tiresome to hear the witty drawl of an old limey puff for about 2 hours but looked up Angus and fell in love with his paintings.  If you haven’t, look up Penny Arcade, her poetry is great.

Yellow and Green / oil on canvas


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