voidParallel interpretations found within a pairing of fine art and hardcore punk songs.

Yves Klein – Leap into the Void / Monster X – Leap of Faith

Monster X is a straight edge grindcore band from the early nineties.  They pretty much sounded like Assuck covering Antidote songs and the like but for the most part had that great grind/powerviolence intensity.  The song Leap of Faith starts off with a very slow pounding guitar riff that are peaked with deep growls and high pitched screams, a perfect song to completely obliterate people to.

When I first saw this picture by Klein, I fell in love with it.  Everything is so undisturbed – the horizontal-vertical layout of the landscape is calming/nothing too interesting.  Then out of nowhere we are hit with this glitch in time and space as the eye is lead to a diagonal Klein swandiving off of an impossibly vertical roof.  I always saw the void as a displacement of reality; Klein’s body forever suspended within the air.  Where did he come from?  We certainly know where he is going to end up.  Breaking all conventional rules, he seems to be somewhere else entirely.

I think of Klein having a sense of faith within the look on his face, as if he was not bothered by the scientific conventions of physics.  He’s jumping for the sheer joy of it.  Faith and the void are parallel;  the strength of belief can act as a mental glitch, hurting us in the end as we take that giant leap into something we find so concrete within us.  If our faith crumbles, we end up in the void of isolation.  I sometimes wonder what kind of faith he would find swandiving into a pack of crazy hardcore kids.  Or would it be just another big void within his life?  Either way he would have something to break his fall.

Oh yea, go listen to the Faith/Void split and you will understand completely.


One Response to “HARDCORE ART MAN”

  1. I was really sad when I found out this picture was a combination of pictures, and he didn’t really leap off of the thing. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I kind of wish he did.

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